Ben has been working professionally in coffee in Vietnam for the last 5 years. He has worked positions throughout the coffee industry from managing a processing mill, to roasting, to brewing. In 2014, he helped with the opening of the original Hoi An Roastery and has been consulting with the company ever since. In 2015, he certified as a Q grader, a reflection of his coffee knowledge. He remains passionately involved in coffee, with a wide range of interests and expertise within the industry.

Intro to Vietnamese Coffee

+ Coffee In Vietnam
– History of Coffee in VN
– Robusta vs Arabica
– Progression of culture in VN

+ Hoi An Roastery
– Our history/place in VN Coffee
– Tree to Cup philosophy

+ Making Vietnamese coffee
– Step by Step walk through
– Why it differs from other brewing methods

+ Instructor Ben Miller
– Q Certified
– 5 years experience in VN Coffee
– Worked every stage, from farming to processing to roasting to brewing