Our coffee foundations

Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world, known for its production of Robusta, but also a growing interest in high-grade Arabica. We have set out to find the best Vietnam has to offer. To do so, we went to farms, nestled in the mountains of the central highlands, a region that boasts the highest quantity and quality of coffee in the country.

As the Vietnamese coffee industry continues to grow and improve, we strive to continue to find only the finest there is to offer.

Coffee and farmers

At the Hoi An Roastery, we take the time to travel across Vietnam and establish connections with the farmers and producers of our coffee. This allows us to cut out all middlemen and work directly with the people who are providing our coffee.

Due to this, we are able to trade fairly and directly with the people who nurture our coffee through the first stage of its life.

Roasted locally in Hoi An

Once we are ready to roast the coffee, it is transported to Hoi An, where we roast it locally. Our roaster, a local man name Mr Thieu, drives down from Da Nang several days a week to make sure all of our stores are fully stocked. Using a profile designed to highlight the full flavor spectrum, the coffee is roasted with care in small batches.

By roasting and storing the coffee here in Hoi An, we are able to ensure that our coffee is always fresh and has been roasted in the last ten days.

Arabica, Robusta & Espresso blend

We use (and offer for sale) three styles of coffee. The first is 100% Arabica, using all fully washed Arabica beans, the most popular coffee worldwide. The second is our 100% Robusta blend, a coffee intimately linked with Vietnam and the traditional Vietnamese coffee brewed with a phin cà phê (Vietnamese filter) and served with sweetened condensed milk.

The third is our Espresso Blend, which is a mixture of Robusta and Arabica, a combination that excels in espresso with the Robusta making it strong enough for milk drinks while maintaining the delicacy of flavor from the Arabica.

We source our beans directly from our farmers located in the central highlands of Vietnam. From Seed to Cup, we fulfill our promise of Fair Trade for All each and every day.