Workshop 2

Roasting – Start your morning at the Hoi An Roastery learning about the whole process of coffee, from fruit to cup. Guests will get to watch as one of our roasters describes and demonstrates the way in which we roast our coffee here at HAR. In addition, our roaster/barista will give a talk about the history, process and versatility of coffee. Guests will get to try a variety of our house-roasted coffee to round out the full experience. Approximate length is 1 hour.

Workshop 4

Cupping – Join us at Hoi An Roastery delving deeper into the vast variety coffee has to offer. Learn how different lengths and styles of roasting affect the flavor profile of the end product. Guests will be instructed by one of our house roasters and walked through the process, not unlike wine tasting! Sample five of our house roasts to fully experience the range of taste offered by these magic brown beans. Approximate length is 1 hour.

Workshop 1

Machine Demonstratiom – How many different ways of brewing coffee are there? We here at Hoi An Roastery, invite you to come and watch as one of our house baristas demonstrates some of the many different styles of coffee brewing. From espresso to drip coffee, pour over to French press, let us demonstrate the versatility of not only the bean, but also the brewing methods. Guests will watch 4 different brewing processes and have the opportunity to sample the outcome of each. Approximate length is 1 hour.